This time Alice – the heroine of the classic books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as well as Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There – goes on a trip to a secret and somewhat dark world of fashion. Which of her reflections in the magic looking-glass will turn out to be true? The one of a rebel in provocative leathers and heavy boots? Or the one of a romantic dreamer, wearing a dress trimmed with lace and high heels, who is walking around with her head in the clouds? Or else the one of a mysterious seductress, who hides a nonchalant lining under a modest top? Every Alice must solve this riddle on their own. They’ll get some hits in the colour of nightly blue, in the naturalness of soft fabric, in the creative combination of remarkable elements.

photo: Aleksandra Kozub, Rafał Kwaśniak
model: Klaudia Strzyżewska
make up: Monika Kudlińska
haircut: Martyna Kowalska

About Me

There is a project in every length of every fabric – it only needs to be cut out. I have learnt it thanks to my education, experience and success.

My education. My dreams of becoming a fashion designer have started to fullfill since my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Now – as an assistant lecturer in the Technical Higher school in Katowice – I help others to follow a similar path.

My experience. Consistent activity and naughty creativity have always been the fundamentals of my cooperation with both individual and corporate clients. With my individual clients in mind I have created the collections which you can find here. Thanks to my corporate clients I know that a good design is likely to succeed on a really large scale – confirmed by two golden medals of the Poznań International Fair.

My success. I believe that art and business appreciate the personal signature of the author. As an artist I favour modern solutions; at the same time I often draw on the unique traditions of Silesia, my home. As an entrepreneur I carefully design my image and actively support other women in their careers. Everythig I do I sign with my name: GORSKA.

Barbara Górska
Fashion Designer

Katowice, Poland

T: 506 306 146