Little Black

So called little black – tha absolute queen of dresses – gives every woman the absolute power. In a basic, universal version a little black with a classic pearl necklace rules the hearts and souls of those who admire the canonic style of Coco Chanel; while a little black with extravagant accesories bolwes over those who seek unconventional solutions. Your ready-to-wear little black is waiting for you to wear it!

photo: Karolina Grzesiak
model: Joanna Dorula
make up: Anastazja Balon
haircut: Olga Pecka

About Me

There is a project in every length of every fabric – it only needs to be cut out. I have learnt it thanks to my education, experience and success.

My education. My dreams of becoming a fashion designer have started to fullfill since my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Now – as an assistant lecturer in the Technical Higher school in Katowice – I help others to follow a similar path.

My experience. Consistent activity and naughty creativity have always been the fundamentals of my cooperation with both individual and corporate clients. With my individual clients in mind I have created the collections which you can find here. Thanks to my corporate clients I know that a good design is likely to succeed on a really large scale – confirmed by two golden medals of the Poznań International Fair.

My success. I believe that art and business appreciate the personal signature of the author. As an artist I favour modern solutions; at the same time I often draw on the unique traditions of Silesia, my home. As an entrepreneur I carefully design my image and actively support other women in their careers. Everythig I do I sign with my name: GORSKA.

Barbara Górska
Fashion Designer

Katowice, Poland

T: 506 306 146